C Digital turns 15

C Digital turns 15

This month C Digital celebrates our 15th birthday.

Over the years we’ve scanned millions of documents and we’ve developed Docpoint into one of the most robust and flexible document management systems on the market.

We’ve also launched a ‘Docpoint in the Cloud’ service. With Docpoint in the Cloud you get all of the features of Docpoint without any hardware or software to install.

Many of our customers have been with us right from the start.

Our philosophy has always been to keep our products and systems simple to use and cost effective. I think our customers would agree that we succeeded.

We’re looking forward to the start of another 15 years!

Docpoint cloud service

Docpoint cloud service

You can get all the benefits of Docpoint

without installing any hardware or software by subscribing to the ‘Docpoint cloud service’

Docpoint in the cloud has all the functionality of an in-house server and is ideal for smaller businesses and businesses that have a mobile workforce.

Just like Docpoint, the cloud application pages may be customised with your own logo and colours and can even be linked to your web site for a seamless experience.

Using the cloud service is also an ideal way to get started with Docpoint and migrate to an in-house server as your system grows.
Contact us for a free trial of the Docpoint cloud service for your business.

Protect your business

Protect your business

Right now 90% of businesses do not have an effective management plan for their paper documents. Paper storage is expensive and time consuming. And paper based files can easily be lost or damaged.

You can protect your business from loss or damage to paper based files by converting them to electronic format.

Our scanning and data entry service can handle complex scanning and data capture for all types of documents in a range of formats suitable for import into Docpoint or your own system.

We use a range of data entry processes to suit the application, including optical character recognition (OCR), barcodes, single data entry and double data entry.