Document management, document scanning, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth

Document management, document scanning, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, PerthDocpoint document management

Docpoint is the ideal solution for scanned or corporate documents. Docpoint documents are catalogued and indexed then stored in a Docpoint group. Users may then search and retrieve documents from any group(s) to which they have access. As Docpoint is a web enabled application, users may access their document collection from any internet or intranet enabled browser. Users have quick, easy, and secure access via their desktop browser, and do not require any specialised software to access documents.




FeaturesDocument management, document scanning, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth

  • Docpoint can handle all file types on your desktop
  • Does not need special client software
  • Works equally well as an Intranet or Internet application
  • Provides secure access by user and group
  • Administrator defined restrictions within a group
  • User defined index fields for each group
  • Built-in ‘View’, ‘Fax’, and ‘Email’ functions
  • Full text search
  • Version control
  • Bulk import and export
  • Support for multiple languages

Meeting the Needs

Docpoint can handle scanned documents but is equally at home with all document types.

Key Benefits

  • Docpoint has no additional cost for client software
  • No proprietary software or hardware
  • User and group security
  • Docpoint solves your paper management problems
  • Docpoint can be customised to suit your requirements
  • Unlimited users


Full Text SearchDocpoint full text search

The Docpoint Full Text Module provides all of the functionality of Docpoint and adds full text search capability to your documents. Results are returned in a ‘google’ style format showing a brief summary of the text where the word(s) were found.
Docpoint with the full text module is ideally suited to legal, research, or academic applications where documents are less structured and free-form searching is required.

With the Full Text module users can perform ad-hoc searches from their document collection and have results returned as a paragraph from the text in a ‘google’ style format.



Abbyy FlexiCapture

ABBYY FlexiCapture works with Docpoint and Approve workflow to make a complete end to end solution for automated invoice capture, workflow, and archiving.

ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices is a ready-to-run accounts payable automation solution. It enables companies and organizations to increase the productivity of AP processes dramatically, while lowering the cost of processing per invoice. The solution delivers all essential functionality for establishing a fast, cost-effective and transparent invoice processing procedure, from document arrival to posting.