Here’s some

Tips to quicker searching in Docpoint

. There’s a number of ways you can search Docpoint directly from your desktop application.

Use the ‘remember me’ function when you login to Docpoint.

Just under the place where you enter your user ID and password there’s a checkbox called ‘remember me’, tick that checkbox so the next time you go to Docpoint you won’t have to enter your user id and password. But don’t logout, just exit the Docpoint page.

Enable Docpoint as a quick search function in your browser.

Both Internet Explorer and Firefox have a quick search function at the top right of the browser. Usually this searches Google or Bing, but you can add your own search places too.  To add Docpoint as the search place, log into Docpoint then click on the DP icon (immediately below the Logout option at the top right side of your window). In the ‘Do you want to add this search provider’ dialog click ‘Add’. You can also check the box to make Docpoint the default when you enter a search.  Use this in conjunction with the ‘remember me’ function and you have direct access to Docpoint searches without ever having to open Docpoint.

Install Docpoint Click

Docpoint Click is a desktop application that installs to your windows tray.  Docpoint Click lets you image enable any application by defining certain hotkeys (like Alt/Right Click) that make a call to Docpoint. With Docpoint Click you can use the hotkeys to click on a word or phrase from any Windows application and automatically search Docpoint for that word.

Call us to find out more about Docpoint Click.

Install the Docpoint Excel add-in

Docpoint search can be added to Excel as an add-in. The Docpoint Excel add-in lets you right click on any Excel cell and have Docpoint search for the word in that cell without having to open and search in Docpoint as a separate step.

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Integrate your application with Docpoint

Docpoint can be integrated to many applications as a web service, either by creating direct http calls to Docpoint from your application or by making web service calls to the Docpoint SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) API.