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Physical vs. Electronic documents


What is Electronic Document management?

Electronic document management are programs designed to assist individuals and organisations in the creation, management, use, storage and retrieval of physical and digital documentation.

C Digitals Docpoint document management system can also assist to automate other business processes such as workflow management and the invoice approval process as well as integrating these functions with other business systems.


What are the benefits of Electronic document management?

As many businesses are required to keep documentation for up to 7 years, the filing, storage and retrieval of paper records can often become a costly and time consuming process.

Docpoint electronic document management can provide the following benefits for your business.

  • Users may scan paper documentation or import electronic documentation into the Docpoint system .
  • Catalogue and store documents in easily searchable and organised groups accessible to authorised users.
  • All records and documents are controlled in a central secure archive.
  • Whilst traditional paper documents are only available at their place of storage, electronic documentation is accessible to authorised users who are offsite or in regional offices.
  • Many business processes can be streamlined or automated with Docpoint.
  • Staff can easily locate and share documentation with full text search capability.
  • Response times to customers and suppliers can be drastically reduced as documents are easily accessible.
  • Access to sensitive, private or classified information can be restricted so that only those with appropriate privileges can view or use it.
  • Records kept on secure servers offer protection from unauthorised alteration, tampering or deletion.
  • Digital documentation contains full audit trails creating a record of access by authorised users and any changes made.
  • Regular offsite backups offer a trustworthy and safe method of disaster recovery.
  • Records are readily available and accessible to help your organisation respond quickly and efficiently to any requests from government agencies.



Will switching to electronic documentation save me money?

Keeping all your records in paper form not only takes up valuable real estate but can result in costly and time consuming headaches if not properly catalogued and archived.

Docpoint is browser based and requires no special software or downloads.   Access can be created for as many individual users as required, scanned or imported documentation is stored and catalogued in user created groups for easy access and retrieval.

10 gigabytes of storage space typically holds approximately 45000 documents depending on type and quality of documentation

Scanning can be done in house by your staff or C Digital can process any scanning needs via our high speed scanners and data entry in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Typical costs for the storage of physical archive boxes include;

  • Archive fees up to AUD5.00 per archive box per month, on average an archive box will hold 2500 pages.
  • Document retrieval of AUD5.00 per document

Auditing can be a costly and time consuming process often taking days as auditors search through boxes and filing cabinets, with Docpoint offering fully searchable electronic document management. Audits can be completed in a fraction of the time offering savings of both time and money which many users find more than pays for their yearly Docpoint subscription.

Where staff used to spend hours searching through filing cabinets and archive boxes to find crucial documents Docpoint can save time and money as finding documents is as simple as searching and clicking a button.