Distribute your documents to the right people, when they need them.

Document management, document scanning, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth




 Simplified approval and workflow

‘Approve’ manages the approval and distribution process for any type of workflow.

Examples could include;

Document management, document scanning, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth

  • Receipt and processing of invoices
  • Employees timesheets processing
  • Travel requests processing
  • Expenses approval and processing
  • Contractor payments

Prompt processing

Using Approve documents are automatically routed to a nominated approver for processing. If that approver is not available the system will automatically route the item to an ‘alternate approver’.

Secure authentication

Only authorised Approvers may authorise or reject a document.

Permanent records

Approve is integrated with Docpoint to provide a permanent history of all items processed.


  • Approve is a web based product so requires no additional software on your desktop
  • Items are queued to a pool of available approvers
  • Uses email messaging to alert users and approvers of items pending
  • Provides extensive administration facilities to control all facets of the system
  • Approve is fully customisable to your application

Web based administration

The Approve administrators ‘dashboard’ provides administrators with a detailed view of all work in the system at any time. Administrators may change the state of an item, add or delete approvers, or change the status of an approver.

Web based approvers interface

Approvers are notified by email when an item is pending. Approvers access the Approve system using a web based interface to display approval requests queued for their attention. The approver may approve or reject the item. A configuration function allows approvers to set their status to ‘Not available’ when they are unavailable to process approval requests, for example when they are on leave.

Fully customisable

Approve can be fully customised to suit your applications. Both the approve user interface and the workflow rules can easily be modified to suit any application.

Abbyy FlexiCapture

ABBYY FlexiCapture works with Docpoint and Approve workflow to make a complete end to end solution for automated invoice capture, workflow, and archiving.

ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices is a ready-to-run accounts payable automation solution. It enables companies and organizations to increase the productivity of AP processes dramatically, while lowering the cost of processing per invoice. The solution delivers all essential functionality for establishing a fast, cost-effective and transparent invoice processing procedure, from document arrival to posting.