Document automation adds value to your documents so you can find them quickly and easily and use them in new ways.

Document automationDocument automation can include-

  • Conversion to another file format or indexing structure
  • Adding additional meta data
  • Database lookups
  • Data matching
  • Integrity checks and audit
  • Cost allocationDocument automation


By properly cataloging your documents you save time and money.  And you save on filing staff, auditing costs, offsite storage and retrieval fees, and your own office space.

Electronic documents can be distributed so your staff have instant access to the files they need. And they can’t be lost, damaged or misfiled.

Our document scanning and data entry service can also handle complex scanning and data capture for documents like invoices and legal documents in a range of formats suitable for import into Docpoint or your own system.

We use a range of data capture processes to suit the application, including optical character recognition (OCR), barcodes, single data entry and double data entry.

We can collect your documents or you can deliver them to us.
We can guarantee privacy is maintained for all of your information.

We can also store the original paperwork for an agreed time then send it off for NAID triple A rated secure destruction.  So you can be sure that nothing is lost or misplaced.

We have document scanning services in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.