Leave, Expenses, Timesheets

Leave, Expenses, Timesheets

Automated Leave, Expenses and Timesheets

Your staff can manage their leave, expenses, and timesheets quickly and easily with our all new staff management system. Staff can log in from wherever they are and apply for leave, add expense claims or add timesheets.

Applications are automatically routed to the correct person for approval and users are kept up to date with the process of their applications.

Managers can generate reports or see at a glance the status of all applications.

Manage all of your staff leave, expenses and timesheets online quickly and easily. Apply from anywhere and approve from anywhere.

Leave, Expenses and Timesheets can be run entirely from our secure cloud servers or can be installed in-house on your network.
You can choose all three modules or just enable the module you need.
Call for details or to start a free trial.